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How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy DIY Steps

how to flock a Christmas tree

My most favorite part of Christmas is picking out and decorating our Christmas tree! After we spent a Christmas in Colorado, I fell in love with real, snow covered trees! They are so stunning and just happened to fit in with my white home decor. Ever since I learned about flocking trees, we have always had one! The best part is, you can easily have one, too! Flocking works on artificial or live trees and you just need a few things to get this look!

how to flock a Christmas tree


  1. Plastic drop cloth (trust me) and you may want to do this in your garage or outside.
  2. Flock! Get the real deal. 2lbs covers a 7-8 foot tree. I like heavy flock so I get a little more.
  3. High quality sifter or strainer. Don’t go cheap on this one.
  4. High quality spray bottle. Again, get a good one and I like having 2 if someone helps me with this process.
  5. Spray snow for afterwards. I use it for touchups and to thicken some areas up.


STEP 1: Prepare! Put down drop cloth, fill spray bottles with water, and get your sifter or strainer ready.

STEP 2: Start at the top of your tree and work your way down. The flock will fall (like real snow) so it gives better coverage.

STEP 3: Spray a section of your tree with water so its damp. Then sift flock or tap the strainer with flock in it over the damp areas. Add more flock at this time if you want a heavier look.

STEP 4: Spray water over the flocked area. You don’t want it too wet but just lightly spray. I like to spray water while shaking the flock on or have a second person spray water as you flock. I think you get a better stick when you combine spraying the water and flock. Imagine your sifting powdered sugar over a cake, you spray water, sift the flock, and seal it once more with water. SPRAY WATER then FLOCK + SPRAY WATER.

STEP 5: Repeat! You will see the snow building up! Let it try for anywhere from 8 to 24 hours depending on how big your tree is and how much flock you’ve used.

After I flock my tree and let it dry, I use the spray snow and spray some areas to thicken it up and create the look of a heavy layer of snow. I have used about 5 cans of snow spray on my current tree and love the look! You can also flock wreaths, garlands, or any other branches!

how to flock a Christmas tree


  1. Is it Messy? YES. But worth it! Use the drop cloth!
  2. Can I add lights to it? YES! I have done it before and after flocking, both are fine but after is a little messier. I love these lights! White with an easy to hide strand!
  3. Can I use a fake tree to flock? YES! and you can save it for the following years and add more flock as needed!
  4. How long does this take? Usually about an hour or so. I flock the entire tree, then do a heavy coat on the front that is more visible.
  5. Is it safe? Yes, it is environmentally safe and it dries so it doesn’t come off on children or pets unless you really try.

how to flock a Christmas tree

Artificially Flocked and Beautiful Trees

For those that want that beautiful, snow covered tree without the hassle, you can buy amazing artificial trees that come flocked! The good news is, you can always add more flock to them or spray them with the snow spray. Here are my top finds!

Happy Flocking and Happy Holidays!


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