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J.Crew’s Spring Arrivals!

I absolutely LOVE J.Crew’s new Spring arrivals! I fell in love with this jacket and all the navy options! I love jackets because you can easily dress them up or down! Charlotte tends to be warm during the day and then temperatures drop at night. For date nights, I wanted a cute option to add to my outfit for the cooler nights and this jacket was just what I needed!

I paired this with fun patterns, stripes and polka dots, because it works both ways! I grabbed my polka dot boyfriend shirt from J.Crew’s last season and it worked great! If you don’t have one in your closet, you can pair it with any dark colored button down! You can add a pop of contrast or keep it neutral and pair it with a light pink or blush top! Either way, you will love having this jacket in your closet!


1 J.Crew Regent Jacket 
J.Crew Ruffle Striped Tee



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