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Mother’s Day Gifts

Our mamas are so fun to spoil! Even though they deserve to be celebrated more than just one day out of the year, it’s great to recognize them for all they do for their children! As a mother of 2, I love special gifts for holidays but I also love practical ones! My Mother’s Day Gift list includes both of them so you can choose what will put a smile on your mama’s face!

For me, my top pic is the socks! I know, I know, socks for Mother’s Day? BUT, they are so practical! I wear socks every day in our house and I love when they are cuter than the basic white ones I get from the store. With babies, the floors are more than often, dirty and covered in crumbs, and my socks help me to feel like I am walking on clean floors no matter what my toddler has been into lately!

Now for the more fun gifts! Watches are a must and a cute glitter water bottle! I am always running around so bringing water with me helps me to drink more while looking super cute! I’ve also been into carrying a small clutch in my diaper bag lately. It works nicely for me if I just want to grab my money and essentials to run in somewhere and not drag around the big bag! I added a couple of my favorite clutches that are suitable for moms with young babies and also those with older kids that don’t have to bring everything but the kitchen sink with them when they are out and about!

Are you doing anything special for your mom this Mother’s Day?




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