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Off Shoulder Ruffles with Denim

I tend to have a lot of favorites, especially when it comes to clothes… BUT, some of these pieces truly fall in the favorites category for me! I was so excited when I finally found an off shoulder ruffle top that fit right and was so comfortable! I knew it was a must for my wardrobe! I was in the mood for a few good sales and hit the jackpot with my tassle clutch and Vince Camuto shoes on sale that are SO comfortable. You need them. Trust me. And let’s all have a big celebration for my killer jeans (haha!). I love them and they are the perfect stretch material! I scored them on my favorite website, Amazon. I link to them below and some similar ones if you aren’t part of the Prime world.

This is surely an outfit I will be wearing time and time again! I know a lot of us are looking for a cute going out look and this is mine for sure! You can’t beat blush, white, and a classy pair of jeans!

Distressed Jeans in Dark Blue Distressed





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