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Ruffle Eyelet Sweater

Ruffle Eyelet Sweater | By Lifestyle blogger Elle Bowes

I am such a sweater lover, even for the warmer times of the year. We spend a lot of time outside so I love sweaters that are light enough for outside warmth but also work inside so I am not frigid in the air conditioning. J.Crew’s Spring sweaters are just perfect for this! I can’t stop wearing this adorable eyelet sweater! The ruffles are too cute and it pairs so well with a skirt, jeans, or shorts!

I may have to go back for the navy but these white one won me over. While shopping around at our outdoor mall, I had to skip around and take some pictures! With a cupcake skirt on, this outfit couldn’t have been more fun to wear!


1 J.Crew Eyelet Sweater
2 Stripe Skirt 
3 Pink Bow Shoes and ON SALE here!




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