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Our Nursey Plans!

Everett and I explored all over the Côte d’Azur when we were engaged. Our former life as photographers brought us there and we had the best time of our lives going from city to city. When I found out Ryann Whitney was a girl, I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate our love for France and our memories from there into her room. Everett speaks pretty good French (he’d disagree) so finding vintage French books was a must for her nursery! One day her and Emerson will start their French lessons! haha!
Here is a little sneak peak into her room! We gutted the floors, baseboards, and closet to create a dream nursery! It came out perfect!
I’ll share a few more posts of her room because it is too much cuteness to fit into one blog!
Here are two before shots! We Put the light in first to replace the standard one and that alone added so much to the room! Then came the walls, floors, and wood work!




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