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Sleeveless Cardigan

Blush On White | By Lifestyle blogger Elle Bowes

We spent the weekend with friends in town and had such a wonderful time exploring and catching up! Everyone brought their kids which was nice and of course, busy! They had so much fun playing together and having a big sleepover! Having 6 kids around made me super excited for our babies growing up and also reminded me that I don’t think I will be having 6 or 8 kids like we planned, haha!I loved shopping through a local boutique, Julie’s, for some new blush and white pieces. I think I will live in this sleepless cardigan for a long time… it is so comfortable and I love the long flowy layers. If you’ve followed for awhile, you know I also love finding Spring and Summer ready sweaters and this one topped the list!


The Perfect Sleeveless Cardigan
White Jeans
Bow Flats – Similar HERE and HERE



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