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Sunday Flower Market

We have had some crazy weather here in North Carolina but luckily, I got to enjoy a local flower market before the cold and rainy weather moved in! It doesn’t take long to notice that I love a pretty floral design, but that doesn’t just mean floral prints! I have been so excited for the weather to warm up because visiting local flower markets is one of my all-time favorite weekend activities. Being able to spend a morning at the flower market means spring has truly arrived, we are all getting outside to enjoy nature’s beauty and are even supporting local business while doing so (and of course it doesn’t hurt that we have beautiful blooms all around our house now)!

Even though the flowers were the true stunner, I felt right in place in this feminine Kate Spade skirt. It was made for twirling and there’s no better place to do that than surrounded by lovely florals of all different types!  All of the colors in the skirt mirrored the natural beauty that we were surrounded by and it couldn’t have felt more perfect.  The ruffled blush blouse was the girly accent that it needed as well. Light and breezy pieces are so desirable now that the weather has warmed up and we’ll be spending our weekends at flower markets, farmers’ markets, or dining outside at some of our favorite restaurants.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as much as we have! We’ve got some cold weather for a few days but are looking forward to the temperatures warming back up again. What are you guys ready to fill your weekends with now that spring is here?


Shoes, Skirt, Ruffle Top (really a Nordstrom dress!) similar look Here and Here!





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