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My Husband’s JORD Wooden Watch

Elle Bowes | JORD Wood Watch

A Timeless Staple

No matter how much time and effort is put into a man’s ensemble, it never looks complete without the right watch. Just like topping off an outfit with the right bag can make or break a look of ours, putting on a stylish timepiece can pull everything together for the man in our lives.

The right men’s watch

should be classic and timeless, but still a unique watch so that it can make a statement. That’s why I was so thrilled to come across JORD wooden watches. The company is run by artists and designers which is evidenced by their beautifully designed and crafted timepieces.


I loved it for Everett!! The watches have a classic shape but the wood material gives it a modern twist. Sustainability is a key value of theirs so they even offer watches made out of bamboo! The wood gives the watch such a rich look, and is especially perfect in the winter as an accent to luxe layers in the chilly weather. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a watch before that could go so perfectly with winter flannels or a nice button down for a dinner date but this piece can do it all and be dressed up or down!

Everett was so thrilled with his JORD watch because it literally goes with everything but still makes such a statement—what could be easier than that to pull yourself together? He’s already making some other picks from their website (he’s in love with the Sawyer line, too) for a Valentine’s Day present and I think I might have to do the same (yes, I am so excited that they have women’s watches too!!).

What can you see your special someone pairing this watch with? The options are endless!

Luxury Wooden Watch



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