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Hi, I’m Elle (short for Laurie). I love finding and sharing great deals on home decor, clothes, cosmetics, and things that make life easier with kids. I’m a true homebody but you’ll find me on frequent dates with my hubbie or out exploring the area around me! Thanks for following along, I hope we can all add a little joy to your life!


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Thank You Card | By Lifestyle blogger Elle Bowes

Stationary Sets

One of the first things I think about when I think of “good manners” is taking the time

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Blushing Styles | By Lifestyle blogger Elle Bowes

I’m blushing

BLUSHING BUYS! Of all the colors making their appearance for spring, blush is definitely my favorite! It’s popping

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Striped Off The Shoulder Shirt | By Lifestyle blogger Elle Bowes

Spring Stripes

Is it just me or is everything showing up with stripes this spring? When I think stripes, I

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